Bill Pope a.s.c. DOP & Director

(Cosmos, The Matrix, Scott Pilgrim)

“I’ve been in the cutting room many days now, and one thing I hear over and over from the post production people is how good Tom’s sound is. The interesting thing about Cosmos is that we did shoot and take sound all over the world and had a least a half-dozen location sound people. This situation sets up an unmistakable comparison where it is obvious to all that his sound rises head and shoulders above the rest.”

“This unprompted compliment comes from people Tom never met. They are not aware of his professionalism, courtesy, good humour, and genuine sense of fun, which makes him a delight to work with. All of which I can attest to. We had many very difficult days, and I could always count on seeing his smiling face in the midst of ridiculous hardship.”


Iain Eyre, Supervising Dialogue editor

(Strike Back 5, Batman Begins, Alice In Wonderland, Cloud Atlas, World War Z)

Tom is an exceptionally good production sound mixer. He was able to make great recordings in extremely challenging locations. Strike Back had some complicated setups with some very noisy locations but Tom would always go the extra mile to help get usable sound, lowering the amount of ADR needed and allowing us to preserve the original performances, saving money and man hours in the process. I would strongly advise hiring him for any project.


Martin Jensen, Re-recording mixer

(Strike Back 6, King’s Speech, Imitation Game, Atonement)

Tom has done an excellent job recording the latest series 6 of Strikeback. He has done so in very difficult circumstances and in noisy locations. He has had to record actors while riding on fast moving dirt bikes, on top of pick up trucks, during car chases and in busy city environments. Pretty much a sound recordist’s nightmare. 

He has managed to do all of this with considerable skill and in particular his ability with radio mikes has proved a life saver in many instances. This has directly resulted in the production saving money as the need for ADR has been lower than usual. In terms of production sound recording, Tom has turned over the most accomplished sound of the series so far.

Its been a pleasure to mix Tom’s recording for this series of Strikeback and I very much hope Ill get the chance to work with Tom again in the near future. I have no hesitation in recommending Tom to anyone needing an accomplished Production Sound Mixer.